Marilyn Feldstein’s expertise was critical to my seeking opportunities while attending a work conference. I would not have obtained my new job had Marilyn not advised me on the importance of attending conferences as well as participating in the various events, such as the golf tournament and tour, which allowed for casual interactions ideal for networking.

Her insights and understanding of today’s job market and relationships/connections with others, as well as her advice and expertise on networking, enabled me to meet a colleague who subsequently hired me for a new position in his organization. This new position helped me reach my goals of moving closer to my parents and my wife’s parents and returning to my career passion of city management while doubling my salary!!! I highly recommend that anyone reach out to Marilyn Feldstein if you are in need of career assistance!!!!!

Quentin McPhatterAssistant City Manager, City of Gastonia, NC

I came to Marilyn when I was at a crossroads in my career. I was looking for a new opportunity but was not having much success on my own. Marilyn helped me focus on my strengths and taught me how to market myself in a more effective manner. She led me to consider paths that I had not explored on my own. She totally reconstructed my resume and coached me through networking, interviewing, and negotiating an offer. I cannot say enough about Marilyn and how valuable her assistance has been.

Jeff RaitAssistant Vice President - Business Analyst, Deutsche Bank

It is a great honor to tell you about Marilyn, whom I met at the ATD International Conference and Exhibition this past year. I attended Marilyn’s one-on-one career coaching session as a worn-out professional who knew she needed a job change, and after just 45 minutes with Marilyn, I left confident and inspired to make that change. Marilyn is a great listener and I felt like she genuinely cared about me; she “got” me. Until recently, Marilyn had no idea how much of an impact she had on me in that moment, but long after I boarded that plane back home to NY, Marilyn’s words keep ringing in my ears and her action plan was at the forefront of my everyday activities. I am now happily employed at a different company, and I can confidently say that this would not have happened without Marilyn’s empathetic words and listening ear. Even during some of the most trying times over the past few months, the memory of Marilyn’s words comforted me. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Marilyn is truly blessed. Her advice, compassion, and support will impact your life in such a profound way, just as it has impacted mine. Marilyn is a career coach by trade, and a people coach by passion.

Candice HuntSenior Talent Development Specialist

A couple of years ago, I felt the need to jump-start my career by working with a career coach. I did not personally know any career coaches, so I began my search online. I chose Marilyn Feldstein because she met all of the criteria I was looking for in a career coach: strong credentials, impressive testimonials and a clear track record of successful coaching relationships. Starting with our first conversation, I knew that Marilyn was the right fit for me. She provided very clear direction for the process that she would use during our sessions, and her tremendous enthusiasm and positive attitude throughout each of our engagements kept me highly motivated. As a result of my great experiences with Marilyn, I am involved in career development activities that I never would have imagined, and my career satisfaction is at an all-time high.

Doug LeFeverSales Operations Manager, Johnson & Johnson

Marilyn is a regular presenter for the CareerSource Professional Network. The participants always take away something new that makes them far more confident and savvy in their career transition.

Candace MoodyWorkSource, Vice President, Marketing & Communications

My transition into the finance industry began a new world of professional opportunities, and I have Marilyn to thank. Marilyn took the time to understand my professional strengths, accomplishments, and aspirations fully. She translated that information into a powerful resume that garnered attention for positions I never knew were possible. My phone rang multiple times. Marilyn’s assistance did not stop with just my resume; she coached me on interviewing and job negotiations. I felt as if I had a partner with me each step of the way. Marilyn is now a critical component to my professional support team – when I am ready to begin new challenges, she will be the first person I call.

Tanya Johnson-CoomesAssistant Vice President, Business Manager at Deutsche Bank Wealth Management

Marilyn is not only an expert in the field of career coaching, but a compassionate coach who holds the client to their highest possibilities. She uncovers the client’s deepest interests and creatively connects them to real opportunities that are aligned with their gifts, talents and passions. That was my experience! I would highly recommend her work to those seeking a more rewarding position or career.

Dale Beaman, MPH, PCC

It is easy to recommend Marilyn in her current capacity as a solid business owner and professional Career Coach. Marilyn has served the community in many capacities through her service with WorkSource and professional associations including chairing the Career Coaching function for the Association for Talent Development (ATD). As a professional colleague, I have not hesitated to send my closest friends and acquaintances to Marilyn for confidential, competent career coaching support. Her style and approach are well known in the community as being highly creative, hands-on and in touch with the absolutely latest trends in employment. Bottom line, if you want solid employment, go see Marilyn!

Kelly Mannel, SHRM-SCP, CEICChapter Chair, North Florida at Society of Emotional Intelligence

I have referred many people to Marilyn for career help. They all have the highest praise for her assistance and support in finding a great next career move. We also worked together at Spherion, an outplacement company. She was a knowledgeable and caring professional in supporting laid off employees and helping them find a next career move. Marilyn also volunteered her talents to the board of our local ATD chapter and facilitated a special interest group for members in job transition. She stays current in her field through attending national conferences and is always a wealth of valuable information.

Linda PlummerHuman Resources Consultant and Trainer

I met Marilyn in 2009 and have been impressed with her professionalism as a speaker and career coach. I have personally attended her career coaching presentations, where I gained insight into the job market and was provided skills to enable me to continue a meaningful search. She excels at tailoring her messages to the audience, including effectively presenting her real-life examples to support her message. Marilyn is a true professional and great communicator. I highly recommend her as a personal career coach or as a presenter at your next meeting.

Dan Miller

It is my great honor to recommend Marilyn Feldstein. I have worked with Marilyn as an employee, and as a client and have recommended her to others. I can unequivocally say that there is no one who is more passionate about her work and that passion is infectious and empowering. She has a true gift for helping others and assisting them in building the pathway into making their career ambitions a reality. There has never been a time that I have walked away from a meeting with Marilyn that I haven’t felt like I could do anything, be anything or achieve anything. She is dynamic, creative, nurturing, and above all, great at what she does.

Rebecca Callahan

Marilyn’s name was in a list of potential speakers sent to me by our Global headquarters. I read her bio and immediately reached out to her as she had presented to our Annual Convention a couple of years ago. Marilyn’s response and eagerness to know more about our regional conference, who would attend, and what we expected from her presentation far exceeded what normal speakers had done. Her presentation was excellent, well thought out, and displayed her wealth of knowledge on the subject. I would recommend Marilyn to anyone as a speaker, a consultant, or a personal or professional coach.

Steve Argo, CHAECo-Chair, HFTP Mid-South Atlantic Regional Conference

I recently went through a career transition in the economic downturn, and I am lucky to have found Marilyn to help me navigate through it. Marilyn is a master at listening to your story and helping you determine what career might be right for you. She arms you with the tools and roadmap you need to seek it out, and she is there to support you every step of the way. Marilyn is a great coach, a knowledgeable sounding board, and a good friend. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about finding a new career.

Bob ChassmanVice President, Strategist, Wells Fargo & Co.

I have worked with Marilyn several times. Our service on the Jacksonville Community Council “Attracting and Retaining Talent” was one of the most exciting projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on in recent years. Marilyn’s expertise in the Human Resources and Recruiting specialties brought a unique perspective to the sub-committee. I always learn something whenever I have the pleasure of working with Marilyn and would highly recommend her as a career coach!

Valerie CurtisHR Consultant

During the early period of my transition, I was going it alone. Then I had the opportunity to hear Marilyn present different topics at various events and to sit and talk with her. I made the decision during this challenging job market that my search needed a jump start. I felt Marilyn was the best person to turn to as my personal career coach. She has a very focused approach, using different techniques to gain an understanding of the job seekers’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as their target positions. Using this analysis, she then zeros in as she finds the best way to describe those strengths and targets positions for networking contacts and potential employers. Together, we created a marketing strategy, enhanced my resume, developed a more effective and versatile ‘elevator speech’ as well as a business card that served as a mini resume. When opportunities came, she helped prep me for the interviews. Marilyn was always available for supportive consultation, comments and advice. She is now part of my professional support team. I’ve recommended her without hesitation to several friends and fellow job seekers.

Gary Dallero

Words cannot express my gratitude to Marilyn for helping me determine the best career path. I was having difficulty finding work…sending out resumes for open positions every day was not getting results. I decided to give Marilyn’s services a try. Marilyn helped me decide which career path to pursue and gave me the tools to get hired. Using her methods, I not only found work quickly, but it is the career of my dreams. The position I accepted and those I scored interviews on were all achieved by using Marilyn’s methods. I got zero interviews prior to working with her…. I have the utmost respect for Marilyn and highly recommend using her company, Career Choices Unlimited, for preparing you in the next stage of your career.

Jeff Dawson

Marilyn helped me focus on my goals and then pursue them! She is one of the finest career coaches anywhere, as she has a way of getting to the core of the issue quickly and providing guidance in a firm yet gentle manner that is results-oriented and success-driven. I have recommended Marilyn without reservation to several colleagues, all of whom have been pleased with her services.

Susan D. Brandenburg

Marilyn and I worked together on a tough assignment. She helped me articulate and market my skills in the 2008 job market after I left Lehman Brothers in Manhattan and moved South. Marilyn was up to the task and was methodical, professional and insightful into the preparation of the materials I would need to have a successful re-entry into the work force. I recommend Marilyn if you are considering a career change or need to articulate better your value in the market. Her professional guidance will definitely pay off in how she can help you shape the way the market sees you.

Whitfield Athey

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Marilyn in two capacities: as a coaching professional and as a career development subject matter expert, and I have nothing but high praise for her abilities in both areas. As a career coach, she is a dedicated professional who pulls out all of the stops to ensure her clients are provided with the best tools, resources and advice to advance their career goals and aspirations. As a subject matter expert, she exhibits an expertise that inspires a following. It’s been a pleasure working with Marilyn and being part of a larger group of people she has influenced and I look forward to our continued working relationship.

Pat ByrdManager, Item Development & Coordination at SHRM

I was fortunate enough to work with Marilyn when I was at a true career crossroad. Her thorough assessment process provided us both with excellent information for our journey together. Her years of HR experience were invaluable in helping me accurately inventory the skills, knowledge, and credentials I already possessed. Marilyn’s positive energy and creative ideas are paired with just the right dose of encouragement and accountability to get results. We were able to build an incredible working relationship via phone and Internet. I would highly recommend that you call her immediately if you are contemplating a career shift. My husband has already decided to hire her upon his retirement from the military.

Shannon Enold

When I first met Marilyn, I had recently left an unsatisfactory job in New York and relocated to Florida. I wanted to find a new job that I enjoyed, but I didn’t know where or how to start. I felt lost and overwhelmed. Marilyn was instrumental in assisting me with a productive job search. She helped me with a multitude of tasks, including analyzing my skills and interests, providing networking contacts, and developing my resume. When I accepted my new position, I had already turned down two job offers and had recently interviewed for other positions. Marilyn gave me the guidance and motivation I needed to find the right job.

Vanessa Robinson

Marilyn is a most skilled professional whose advice and counsel have been invaluable to me in building my practice. Equally comfortable in large group and in individual coaching settings, Marilyn is truly an expert, and I am confident that she will make a lasting difference in the lives she touches.

Chris GoodellPresident, Goodell Group, Inc.

Under superb direction from Marilyn Feldstein, the most knowledgeable career coach, I was able to learn a great deal about the process of the job search. She taught me how to fine tune my resume, hone my interview skills and land a great position. Marilyn’s amazing advice and support also helped me learn a lot about myself, and helped me become a better employee and co-worker.

Liza Furman

What I found most interesting and informative about the services of Career Choices Unlimited is the sound advice provided me, which helped shape my expectations relative to the job market in Jacksonville, as I had moved from Chicago. Jacksonville is not like the typical industrial Northern city. As a service-driven economy, Jacksonville’s opportunities, the scope of jobs, and pay levels are quite different from those in Northern city markets. It is important to know and understand those differences. What I learned from Marilyn is that I needed to translate and focus my experience and skills into this service-related market. Once I did that, things began to happen, and I am very happy and challenged in a new role. Thanks for the help, Marilyn.

Bob Klueppel

Marilyn Feldstein is a dynamic speaker and a person who possesses an abundance of enthusiasm for helping people progress in their careers and lives. Her networking seminar is a wonderful tool for anyone who is unsure about how to begin networking, as well as for people who simply are looking to build their network. Marilyn makes networking fun, and she aptly demonstrates how anyone can learn to be an expert at networking!

Laura Giuffrida Herzog, Esq.Director of Career Services, Florida Coastal School of Law

I had the pleasure of participating in Marilyn’s session on ‘Building and Maintaining Strong Career Relationships.’ In a very clear, concise way, she assisted me in understanding my objectives in networking and how to build long, fruitful, professional networking relationships. Marilyn helped me to understand some very common sense do’s and don’ts.

Anna G. Yates

Marilyn’s presentations to the WorkSource Professional Network on resume preparation and networking are outstanding! She provides specific career advice that works.

Patsy PartinWorkSource Professional Network Coordinator

Marilyn Feldstein delivers high-quality training sessions that incorporate adult learning principles for maximum impact. Her training courses include practical tools and applications that you can use immediately both in your professional and personal lives. Her interactive and conversational presentation style is refreshing and effective.

Steve BorowiecEverBank, Vice President, Learning and Development Manager, Human Resources

In my new role as Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing for a hotel management company, I recommended bringing Marilyn in to speak at our annual meeting to a group of hospitality industry professionals. I had attended one of Marilyn’s seminars when I was in the midst of a very long and frustrating job search. Although I had been in sales most of my career and thought I was adept at networking, I walked away from the program armed with new and useful tools to help me sell myself… Marilyn [provided] an informative presentation in which the attendees could take away valuable skills to help promote themselves as well as their hotels. Many of the participants have shared with me their appreciation for not only the topic but most importantly the exercises that took them out of their comfort zone to practice their new skills. I am now planning to bring Marilyn back to speak at a future meeting planned for the company’s sales team.

Pam RothenbergCorporate Director of Sales & Marketing, Forbes Hamilton Management Company

Your presentation was in-depth and truly inspirational. Our alumni left knowing how to really work a room with confidence and picked up valuable networking techniques for building career relationships. Needless to say, the feedback we received was all positive.

Faith HallDirector of Alumni Services, University of North Florida

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