Managing your career is a lot like being captain of your own ship. You’ll need a strategy for where you’re going that will prepare you for possible rough sailing. As you chart your course, consider these questions: Are you in charge, or are you letting others steer for you? Is your course written down, and are you following it every day? Are you flexible enough to make adjustments when a storm kicks in, like a change in leadership/management, a poor performance review, being overlooked for a promotion or a salary increase, a job loss from a company closing, downsizing, merging or being acquired? Will you be lost at sea or view this as an opportunity to change course positively? We never have total control, but you are in charge of the decisions you make. Let the biweekly Career Solutions podcast be your co-captain on your career journey. I’ll prompt you to answer the tough questions to find the purpose and passion to get your career in shipshape. Let’s set sail!

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